Education Welfare

A pen is said to be mightier than a sword. Education is the biggest and most essential tool that can alleviate the curse of poverty and superstition in our society. The primary objective of Lieu Brains Foundation is to illuminate the importance of education in life and enhance its values for success in both present and future endeavors. In our country, education is a fundamental human right. Through our trust, children from disadvantaged and middle-class backgrounds are provided with the potential benefits of education at a low cost. Our goal is simply to educate all children and empower them to achieve something reputable in their careers.

Health Care

The Lieu Brains Foundation  believes that maintaining good health is the most invaluable gift that an individual can give to oneself. Individuals residing in marginalized communities often need access to the most essential healthcare facilities because they may not have sufficient resources for expensive medical treatments. Therefore, we are actively working to emphasize the importance of maintaining healthy habits and organizing various medical camps to raise awareness about the benefits of health facilities and their affordability. Through these camps, we guide them on how to self-examine different parts or organs of the body for early detection and treatment of relevant diseases. This is crucial as it enables them to understand how to identify and seek initial treatment for various health conditions.

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